The Staff and Office;

There is a wonderful staff at Local 132 here for your assistance and to answer your questions. The entire staff works very hard and very well together.   Local 132 staff focuses daily on the needs of its membership, what is best for Local Union 132, and they always keep the concerns and interest of the contractors in mind.  Local 132 will continue to improve the training programs and strengthen the membership’s knowledge and skills for the future.   Under my leadership, this staff will always focus on the importance of bringing in and educating new members.    As for those future apprentices that will benefit from training and who will receive journey status, this insures that our Local 132 trades will remain solid which additionally keeps our pension plans alive.

About our Training;

Overseeing the training programs are the JATC Board of Trustees who are appointed by each entity of Labor and Management.  The JATC’s work along with the Coordinator, Instructors, Business Manager and Business Representatives  to plan, organize and implement annual training.   It is important that our members of both trades get involved or stay involved with journeyman upgrading improving your skills and awareness of what is going on in the industry.  These classes are put on for the betterment of our work force as well as for the needs of the contractors.  Sometimes contractors will call and ask what upgrades their workers have been involved with.  Having your OSHA or Local 132 safety cards is another important issue.  Many jobs and contractors require this card out of their work force and for you to get on some job sites.  If you are a new member or just want to learn something you don’t know then ask your training instructor or Business Representative about a class for it.

For our seasoned craftsmen, keep in mind that you can constantly improve your production.  There is always something that can be learned in a new way.   Keep in mind that as a union, if we do not stay ahead of new and emerging trends, and how to execute that knowledge, some other craft or trade will learn to do it and claim the work, whatever It may be!

Identifying with Apprentices;Apprentice Class 2013

As a Journey worker, PLEASE help these young people learn our trade if they are sent to you or working on your job.  Don’t be fearful, a journey person should never worry about losing a job to an apprentice.  It is very important to teach and mentor.    Every one of us needed an opportunity at one time and must have gotten the chance or you wouldn’t be where you are today.    It is important to teach apprentices because, 1- They just might be able to help you in a crucial time and they might make your job easier for you, 2- Many of us will retire some day and the younger craftsmen must step up into our positions, 3- As has been mentioned earlier, it is those younger individuals and the next generation that will help pay YOUR pension payments and they will keep the doors open for Local 132.  In addition, as we sign up new members from the non union sector and bring them into our organization, these are your brothers and sisters, please welcome them also.  Teach them the proper union way of doing our work.   According to economists, the forecast for our skilled trades will continue to increase at least until 2022.    Our future will be what we make of our opportunities.

Be Involved;

How many times have you heard that?  Even if you think you know what is happening, it is always good to see our members face to face and I welcome you to attend the monthly union meetings.     The great part about being in a union is that your collective voice will always be heard, so be involved with your organization.   When you go out of the Hall to work, it is very important that the Hall, your Business Representatives and the Contractor can count on you.  You are a very vital part of the Local 132 success puzzle.  Contact your Local Business Representative to see what you can do, how you can become more involved, and how you can support your fellow union brothers and sisters in OPCMIA Local Union 132.

In Solidarity,

Joseph P. Ciacchi