Joseph P. Ciacchi

Business Manager, Financial Secretary, CM, PL Business Representative, Columbus Area

Joseph “Joe” Ciacchi serves as the Business Manager of Local 132.  Joe started his membership with the OP&CMIA in May of 1979, as a young cement mason in Local 404.  He worked as a journeymen for 15 years until his appointment as Business Agent for Local 536 Columbus, Ohio.  He handled this position from May of 1995 until his appointment as Business Manager of Local 132 in June 2011.  In his more than 34 years as an OP&CMIA member he is very proud to say he has always been paid current on his monthly union dues.  He had the opportunity to travel around the United States and learn how other OP&CMIA craftsmen do their work in other parts of the country.  He has worked performing many different skills and aspects of the cement masons’ trade.

Through the years he has performed many duties and shared many responsibilities.  He has served as Union Steward, Finisher Foreman, Local Union Recording Secretary, Apprentice Instructor, President, Business Agent, and currently Business Manager.  He also serves as a Trustee on the Columbus JATC, Pension Fund, Annuity Fund, and the Health & Welfare Fund.  Additionally Joe acts as Trustee on other Local 132 committees and boards.  Joe represents Local 132 as a delegate to some Building Trades and is also President of the Ohio Conference of Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’.  Joe represents the Conference to the Ohio State Building Trades and ACT Ohio.  Joe has also had the honor of representing Local 132 at our International Conventions.  He has been representing the members and working very closely with Labor and Management, together securing work for our members.  Joseph has been instrumental and very involved with organizing the Great Lakes Apprentice Competition held at the Ohio State Fair.

Joseph has been married for over 30 years to Tina Shoemaker Ciacchi.  They have 3 children Melissa, Stephen, and John Paul.  His children are all graduates of Ashland University in Ashland Ohio.  Melissa is a High School math teacher, Stephen works in Business and holds a Para-legal certificate, and John is in Sports Management.  Joe and Tina live north of Columbus, Ohio.   Joe and Tina welcomed the arrival of their first grandchild, Kendall in 2014.   Joe and Tina have taught their children how to be involved with and do things for the community.  Joe has been involved doing many volunteer projects such as work around his area churches, his children’s schools, Motts Military Museum, the Arnold Swarzenager Statue and the Ohio State Fair grounds.

Lewis G. Jones

CM, PL Business Representative, Dayton Area

Lewis “Glen” Jones became the Business Representative for Local 132, Dayton area in 2012. He has worked in the concrete field since right out of high school. In 1996 Lewis Jones went to help pour a pole barn floor for Randy Kuck at his home. That following Monday, Lewis went to work for Fryman-Kuck as a third year apprentice.

He has been the lead for several different companies. The most memorable for him was the work at the large hangers at Wright Patterson. These two hangers were poured all at night due to the white reflective topping. In 2011 Lewis applied for the instructor’s position for the Dayton area JATC and has been part of the education and instructor team for several years.

Lewis is very proud of his two daughters. Taylor his oldest, received a two year scholarship to Sinclair and Hanna his 12 year old, continues to do very well in school.

Lewis has met a lot of great people in this Local and he is very happy to be a part of and serve this Local. He will do his best to continue to uphold the proud traditions of Local 132.

David A. Horn

PL Business Representative, Cincinnati Area

After serving 4 years in the United States Army, David joined Cincinnati area Plasterers Local 1 Apprenticeship Program in April of 1986.  During his apprenticeship he worked for many of the area contractors.  In 1989 he competed in OPCMIA International Apprenticeship Competition.

After completing his apprenticeship, he went to work for Saint Plastering Systems, Inc.  While working for Saint Plastering for over 10 years, David was in involved with many high profile jobs in and around the Cincinnati area.  In June 2001, David was appointed Business Representative for the Plasterers.  At that time he was appointed Trustee on the Cincinnati Plastering Local 1 Pension Fund, a seat that he still holds today.  He also held a Trustee seat on the Cincinnati Local 524 Health and Welfare Fund until they were merged with the Ohio Conference Health and Welfare Fund.  He currently sits as an alternate Trustee on that Fund.

In  2005, David was appointed Vice President of Local 132 a seat he still hold today along with Vice President of the Central Kentucky Building Trades and is on the Executive Board for the Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council.

David has been married to Dana for 30 years and they have 2 grown daughters, Tiah and Mindy.  Tiah is married and resides in Phoenix, Arizona and Mindy works full time and resides in Union, Kentucky.

Candace L. McLemore

Office Manager

Candace L. McLemore became Office Manager of the Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association Local 132 on May 19, 2008.

Candace began her career in accounting as a data entry clerk in 1999 working under Barry W. Meek, CPA in Huber Heights, Ohio. In addition to learning the technical instruction in college, she gained crucial field experience which promoted her to the level of staff accountant. She completed her degree in Business Administration in June 2007.

On May 19, 2008 Candace took on the positon as Office Manager at the Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association Local 132. She has attended numerous seminars put on by the Department of Labor to further her education in this field.

Candace and her husband Lawrence reside in the Dayton, Ohio area and are the proud parents of sons William and Jordan, and daughters Chataune, India, and Janae.

Connie J. Sink

Regional Training Coordinator 

Connie Sink was hired in May 2011, as the Regional Training Coordinator overseeing the 6 registered (cement masons and plasterers) apprenticeship programs for Local 132. Connie works to develop curriculum, tracks each apprentice’s progress, administers grants, ensures that the students receive college credit for their hours in the classroom and sets the course of study for the apprentices. She also insures that the apprenticeship programs follow all requirements, rules and regulations as set forth by governmental entities for successful implementation of their programs. Additionally, Connie develops the journeyman upgrade calendar that is offered each year to the journeymen.

Connie has a long history of working with union apprenticeship programs, starting as an Office Manager in an apprenticeship office for 8 years. She was then hired by the Associated General Contractors (AGC) and worked as Director of Workforce Development for almost 9 years. As part of her responsibilities, she acted as a Management Trustee on the Cement Masons, Plasterers, Iron Workers and Laborers apprenticeship programs.

In 2007 Connie took a position as Program Support Executive with the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council in Columbus Ohio. The Council regulates apprenticeship programs in Ohio and they insure that program standards are being maintained and that programs are able to meet all Federal and State Regulations for Registered Apprenticeship. She worked directly for the Administrative Director of the Council and was a manager of 15+ staff.

Connie and her husband Jim have one daughter Jennifer who resides in Florida with her husband David and their two energetic and spirited sons Ryker and Daxton. In her spare time Connie enjoys various art projects, sewing, quilting, assembling gifts baskets, making hand-made greeting cards and many other gifts in her home studio.

David E. Santo

CM, PL Business Representative, Columbus and Parkersburg-Marietta Areas

David Santo became a member of Local 132 on March 5, 1986. He then spent 8 years working for Baker Construction on high rises, parking garages, and warehouses. His finishing work included surface hardeners, epoxy, coloring, dry topping, stamping, and super flats.

David then began work for Complete General Construction spending his last 20 years there. David’s main functions were on the highway pouring walls, curbs, roadway paving, and street scraping.  David started as an instructor for the apprentice program for Local 132 in 1997, and has helped build a program that is well known throughout Ohio. In 2014, David became a Business Agent for the Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons International Association, representing Local 132.

Charles E. Dolen Jr.

CM, PL Business Representative, Portsmouth Area

Charles “Chuck” Dolen Jr., joined Local 132 Portsmouth area in 1996. Chuck became an Organizer/Business Representative in 2005. Chuck also serves as President of Local 132.

After graduating from high school, Chuck went into college for a year. After college he decided to enter into the Cement Masons Apprenticeship Program of the OPCMIA, Local 132. During that time, he realized that he would follow in his family’s footsteps of the union lifestyle. Throughout his career and while in the field, he has been Steward and Foreman of several jobs.

Chuck is also a dedicated family man. Chuck has a loving wife Marieia, and they have two children Tanner and Destiny. Outside of work, Chuck coaches his children in several sports. Chuck is the proud Grandpa of one grandson, Braxton Lee Dolen. Always the outdoors man, Chuck enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time.

Andrew H. Kitchens II

CM Business Representative, Cincinnati Area

Andrew “Andy” Kitchens II, joined Local Union 132 in 2001, as a second year apprentice after nine years in non-union construction. Andy represented Local 132 at the Regional and International Competition.  In 2003 he became Journeyman.  Andy was fortunate enough to work steady with several contractors and was able to get to know them and support their needs for the industry.   He also had the ability to move around which allowed him to meet many contractors and their employees.  Andy recognizes that this network most likely helps him with his current position of Business Representative for the Cincinnati area.

Andy lives in Cincinnati with his wife Jennifer and their two children.  He likes camping and fishing with his family.  He also enjoys riding motorcycles and hunting.  Andy’s son plays baseball and his daughter dances.